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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

AMASA STONE HOUSE - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The AMASA STONE HOUSE, dedicated on July 14, 1877 as the Home for Aged Women, served as an independent home for "Protestant Gentlewomen" sixty years of age and older, until merging with the A. M. MCGREGOR HOME in 1987. AMASA STONE† built and endowed the home as a gift to the Women's Christian Association (WCA), "to give old age the security it deserves, the care it needs, and the atmosphere of love and refinement it enjoys." Located at 194 Kennard (East 46th) Street between Garden (Central) and Cedar Streets, the Home for Aged Women served eighty-eight elderly women between 1877 and 1896. Residents paid a $250.00 admission fee and turned over their property in exchange for lifelong care.

The WCA operated the Home for Aged Women until 1919 when an independent Board of Trustees began managing the endowment. At that time a women's board was established to oversee daily operations, and a junior board was created to organize special activities. On May 11, 1931 the home's forty-six residents moved to a new building, renamed the Amasa Stone House. William G. Pollock donated the three-acre site at 975 East Boulevard, and SAMUEL MATHER†, Stone's son-in-law, contributed two-thirds of the building's cost. In 1977 the facility was home to fifty elderly women and employed a staff of fifty-four. Neither the religious requirement nor the provision requiring residents to sign over property was still in effect. In 1987 Amasa Stone House became a division of the A. M. McGregor Home, retaining its East Boulevard facility. When the building was renovated in 1992, it opened its doors to male residents. In 2005 there were fifty residents.

Federation for Community Planning Records, WRHS.

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