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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

ALGER, HENRY - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

ALGER, HENRY (30 Oct. 1789-2 April 1862) and his family were the first permanent settlers in the part of Rockport Township which became LAKEWOOD and were the earliest settlers to travel over the Indian path that became Detroit Avenue.

Born in Warren, CT., Henry was the eldest son of Nathan and Prescilla (Peet) Alger. The Algers moved to Ohio, settling in Rockport on 7 June 1812. Traveling westward along one Indian trail (Detroit Rd) the Algers turned south at another Indian trail (Warren Road). Settling in the area south of Madison Ave., the Algers founded what became known as the Alger settlement, a tract of land on Warren Road south of Detroit Avenue in Sections 12-13 of Rockport Township.

The Algers built a 13 x 15 foot log cabin. When Nathan Alger died in 1813, Henry became head of the family. In April 1819 Henry represented his household at the first election in Rockport Township in which he was elected a trustee. Alger's history of the early Rockport settlement, The First Settlement of Rockport up to 1821, was first published in the Cleveland Morning Leader in 1858.

Alger married Susan Nichols. Their daughter, Philana, was the first white girl born in Rockport. An Episcopalian, Alger is buried in Alger Cemetery. There is a street in Lakewood named for the Alger family.

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