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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

AHS FOUNDATION - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The AHS FOUNDATION funded Cleveland educational and cultural activities for 15 years. AHS was founded in 1968 by Leland and Helen Schubert, retirees and active volunteers since their arrival in the city in 1956. AHS has emphasized education, especially alternative projects, social and community relations, and health care. The foundation has consistently preferred to fund projects (but not individuals) for 3 or more years. In 1968 Leland Schubert gave Cleveland mayor Carl Stokes $1 million for the CLEVELAND: NOW! program. The foundation has contributed to JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY, United Independent Schools of EAST CLEVELAND, and the FAIRMOUNT THEATRE OF THE DEAF, using both principal and interest of the original bequest until 1982. In 1983, with holdings of $613,953, the Schuberts turned AHS operations over to their sons, who moved its headquarters to St. Paul, MN.

AHS Foundation Records, WRHS.

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