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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

AITANEET BROTHERHOOD ASSN. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The AITANEET BROTHERHOOD ASSN., a Lebanese-American hometown society, was formed in 1927 by a group of natives from Aitaneet in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. The association has aided needy Lebanese and Syrians in Cleveland and in the village of Aitaneet, helping to build schools and other facilities there. Founder and first president of the organization was JAMIL KAIM† also among the founding members were James Abood, Ernest Sabath, Mufleh Nahra, George Bird, and Tom Abood. The organization grew quickly; by 1935 it had 140 members and a junior group active in sports. By 1955 it was estimated that 700 immigrants from Aitaneet had made Cleveland their home. In 1995 the association offered educational scholarships, relief for the needy, and continued support to churches in Aitaneet and the Bekaa Valley. Membership remained a constant 700. Roger Abood, son of founder James Abood, served as president and Emile Daher was treasurer.


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